SAT High School & College Dictionary Review

SAT High School and College Dictionary
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Waht a great book A+++++++++, easy to read and learn and keep it in your brain.

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Vocabulary is the key that can unlock doors of opportunity for a lifetime to come, and with the command of these "power words" you will discover new horizons you once only dreamed of.This innovative vocabulary-building dictionary contains more than 6,000 of the most critical words in the English language, those most often to be encountered in academic settings(via literary essays, erudite lectures, provocative novels and stimulating conversation). Culled from over 40,000 possible entries, these special "power words" represent the difference between mundane conversation and electrifying elocution, between witless writing and perspicacious philosophizing, between self-defeating limitations and unbounded aspirations. The vocabulary one masters can indeed shape one's destiny.

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